Why Us

We know how to transform a small room to appear bigger, and a big room to appear cosy and warm with the right design. We have an eye for beautiful things and know where to find them. We understand the importance of enhancing corporate brand image. We understand the importance of colour and which colour enhances which emotion. We don’t just construct, we design and that makes all the difference. In other words, we are professionals who understand the psychological effect of visual design – think HAPPINESS, think SALES.

Designing the interiors of your home or business by yourself is not an easy task. Nor is it unimportant to be left in the hands of the Developer or the Contractor to find its own course. All beautiful and useful things are designed and only Designers can design.

Our designers have years of experience and are skilled in what they do. Importantly, we are happy to listen to you and fuse your style with our professional knowledge of Designing. We are proficient in World styles and will be happy to bring in international elements to the designing of your workplace or home.

We are deeply committed to high aesthetics and quality, yet your budget is very important to us.

Think of us as narrators of excellent stories. Clients hire us to write their biographies, but instead of words we use fabrics, furnishes, architectural elements and ofcourse, beautiful things.