We are what we inhabit

Do you aspire to live in a beautiful home?

Would anyone answer in the negative to this? Our guess is no. Why? Because, every rational person aspires for beauty. It is human psychology. We understand, the elements of beauty might vary vastly from person to person. When designing is carried out by understanding your individual psyche; in other words, your likes and dislikes, your personality and team it with our expert professional guidance – a phenomenal outcome can be achieved.

A beautiful house is not just about the aesthetics; it is also about functionality. It’s like handsome Mr. X has the most chiselled face and body but is very poor at his work, or lacks the intelligence to carry out his day to day activities efficiently. Wouldn’t that be an undesirable choice? Thankfully for you we at White Ark Designs understand that. Beauty and functionality go hand in hand.

A comfortable and beautiful home helps us remain;


Healthy and Vitalised



These words might sound clichéd. But if you dwell on the actual meaning of each of these words, surprisingly, on a daily basis achieving these statuses or not achieving them may very well decide the course of our lives.

It’s quite simple, people interact with the environment created by the Interiors of space on a daily basis which directly affects their quality of life, and if something about this space does not work for you it’s more likely to cause frustration than make you happy or inspired.

From other Important perspective

  • Interior design increases the value of a house/project. Most home buyers determine if the price of the house is worth judging by the appearance.
  • Interior design enables an owner to make the most use of spaces.
  • Hiring an Interior design service saves you the trouble of planning, choosing from a mammoth variety of options available at the right price and quality, as well as execution and overseeing the project. Attempting to decorate your own big house by yourself starts as a fun thing to do but eventually it gets overwhelming taking over a year to furnish it completely.

And doesn’t a beautiful home give us all a sense of self-worth.